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Double Rubiales

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Grandma’s geraniums

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Natalya Tarasova How insurance will help you avoid stress 04/06/2024, 13:52

Technological progress allows modern people to optimize routine tasks and reduce the time to solve them. The paradox here is that the volume of more important and responsible tasks is...

Anna Sirota Eat breakfast yourself. But don’t forget to take photos 04/05/2024, 08:15

We must admit that the days of taking food photos in restaurants are coming to an end. Whether this is due to the limited accessibility of the once popular social...

Anastasia Mironova Why the poor will also lose from progressive tax 04/04/2024, 08:18

I read an interesting study here: Our employees were asked if they were happy with the single tax rate of 13%. Two-thirds said they were dissatisfied. Apparently it is...