Timur Khasanov Pressure on AvtoVAZ 04/09/2024, 08:02

In the capital of the Samara region, where AvtoVAZ is located, the average cost of a new apartment in a building under construction is 5.4 million rubles, according to Domklik data....

The return of magical independence

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What about this now?

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Vitaly Ryumshin There is no point, but it is a pity to throw it away: the future of NATO is under threat 04/08/2024, 08:12

“The alliance is more united than ever.” This phrase is a favorite mantra of NATO members, and the alliance likes to remember it in all situations, appropriate and inconvenient. ...

Denis Lukyanov Books are like bread in the supermarket: How can a modern Russian writer get by 04/07/2024, 13:22

Increasing book prices, cancellation of publishing rights of foreign authors, decreasing initial circulations, an underdeveloped system of literary agencies: all this creates a kind of “evil” halo around the Russian book...

Systematic violation of children’s rights

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