full guardians of the constitution

The appointment of two members of the Constitutional Court by the Sánchez government corresponds to designating the Executive under Article. Article 159.1 of the Constitution revolutionized the political arena and aroused the ire of Magna Carta’s envious guardians, who always saw the speck in the eyes of others and did not notice the log in their own eyes. One of the most outraged about this has been Ignacio Varela, a generally calm and sane columnist, who, while referring to the subject, effectively dispels the blame for the current institutional turmoil, which they themselves, in addition to those of Sánchez, would contribute. his thirst for unlimited power, the obvious destructive profession of his allies, the reactionary vulgarity of the opposition, and the insensitivity of Spanish society to these issues – then to concentrate on the “penultimate chief of Sánchez” as the great culprit of our misfortunes, as the law sharply and clearly dictates, turned into a kind of ambitious and vile thug who dared to initiate a partial renewal of TR to adapt as much as possible to political times. .

It is well known that the renewal of the General Assembly of the Judiciary will be blocked for four years, because the People’s Party, having achieved the far-sighted parliamentary majority of three-fifths of Congress and the Senate, is necessary according to art. 122 of the Constitution and the Law on the Judiciary. As is well known, the current Council, whose chairman Carlos Lesmes resigned late but gracefully, was appointed by an absolute majority of the PP under Rajoy, very different from the current Council. And the resistance to the renewal of both CGPJ and TC has only one explanation: PP chose to preserve the existing order because it benefited them. In this country, neither CGPJ advisors nor Turkish judges have any shame in accepting the label of “conservative” or “progressive”, mostly because their election is the result of the implementation of a flawed quota system. (exchange of support from major parties to find people loyal to each) and in practice the judiciary is a breakdown of parliament, evidence of distortion for Justice when taken to the extreme.

Well then: although this “institutional disorder” has some prominent parents who, for the first time in the history of democracy, refused to implement the Magna Carta in spirit and letter, the blame for the “hidden ones” rests with ambitious Sánchez, who is willing to do anything to enforce the law. It seems that PP fell victim to this bold insistence of the majority. The world is upside down.

However, the Prime Minister’s provocative accusations do not end there: The so-called immorality reaches the point of appointing two brilliant people he trusts, who served in the Administration, as TR judges. It would be appropriate for critics of Juan Carlos Campo and Laura Díez to take the trouble to review the biographies of the PP candidates Enrique Arnaldos and Concepción Espejel, without needing to recall that Lesmes was twice director-general in the Aznar governments. TC in 2021 after a controversial deal with PSOE and UP. The criteria the PP uses in such a selection are, say, religiously controversial, so immoral that it invalidates subsequent criticism. And they leave their supporters in a very complex intellectual situation.

Feijóo’s latest fear, fearing his solid wing, while his agreement with the PSOE to renew the magistrates’ government is already in progress, indicates that the PP has ceased to be a state party to think only of its own interests.

Source: Informacion


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