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Evgenia Fomina The case of the murderer minister: Why did it shake Russia? 16.05.2024, 18:15

The Russian part of the Internet has not calmed down over the past few days: everyone is discussing the case of the former Minister of Economy of Kazakhstan Kuandyk Bishimbayev, who...

Dangerous bend to the right

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Common sense and generosity

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Voting is also a state of mind

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was ambushed

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If I could teleport, if daily life were not so confusing sometimes, I would like to be in Madrid on a Monday afternoon, especially at 7pm in the La Mistral bookstore,...


DPR collects evidence of war crimes in Kiev 06:41

Authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) have been collecting evidence of war crimes committed by Ukrainian authorities and security forces in Donbas since 2014. In an interview...

The dentist explains which toothbrush is better to choose: soft or hard 07:00

The real question when buying a toothbrush is: Which one should you choose - hard or soft bristle? On the Internet it is usually recommended to buy a...

“The baddest man on the planet”: Usik became the absolute world boxing champion Usik defeated Fury by split decision 05.19.2024, 12:57

There was almost no event in the boxing world last year that was more anticipated than this fight: for the first time since 2000, an absolute champion was supposed...