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Zinaida Lobanova Freedom for the singing cowards! 08:06

The sudden scandal regarding the stage image of Olga Buzova becomes socially significant. In the end, this isn't even about Buzova, but it could affect anyone in the long run....

Kliment Rusakomsky “Many people are now starting to see the light and it is important not to miss this moment” 06/05/2024, 10:00

Events like SVO seem to radicalize the discourse we hear loudest from the media and from the mouths of radicals and hawks. Quoting the most extreme points of view and...

Girls attacked and left unprotected because they were gypsies

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I open the swimsuit drawer and surprise them during the meeting. They decide who goes first. The old and flowery person, who always says that he washed in the...

A difficult presidency

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Nacho Vidal syndrome

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Georgian party made a request to Putin 07:39

Members of the Georgian Solidarity for Peace party appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the request to cancel the visa regime between the two countries. This was...

Russians call on Israeli officials to reach an immediate agreement with Hamas 07:26

Families of Russian hostages called on the Israeli government to make a hostage agreement with Hamas. This was reported by RIA News. It was noted that Michal Lobanova, a...