Putin is scared to death

would you change it for today Vladimir Putin? They make writing so easy for me. Despite this, it was difficult for me to decipher the last ten-minute monologue of the Russian President in the style of a doctor declaring a terminal illness to all humanity. I finally came to a conclusion. The tyrant did not consider himself exempt, he was afraid to death. Judging by the previous information, it seems that the Kremlin hawks forced him to mobilize the Russians, just as cowardly as the rest of the planet. The commander-in-chief obeys the imposed rebellion with his heart in his mouth. He is alone, has no interlocutors, does not trust anyone, and almost no one trusts him.

In William Blake’s lines that seem to point to Ukraine, the god of war continues to be “drunken with blood.” The disintegration that followed the “partial” mobilization and Putin underline the bias with complicity that María Jesús Montero uses to remind him that the tax burden on the rich is “temporary,” which does not only affect unidentified Russians. He is the tenant of the first Puigdemont house. Kremlinand escape from the tyrant frame the preliminary preparations for tyrannical tyranny. You can see yourself as a victim of the Maidan that you want to suppress in Kiev.

Sacrificed Russians know how to survive without food, but not without Ikea or Zara. The fall of the West hasn’t taken away the contagion that makes us remember Putin as the bad guy, but Biden that’s not good. The tsar’s ten minutes worried me less than Biden’s speeches at the United Nations plenary. Delegates from Moscow did not listen to him, frightened as they should, but the Americans themselves were faced with such dizziness that their emperor’s confused speech would lose its thread. In front of journalists in London, II. At the end of his speech to commemorate Elizabeth, the American president turned to his wife and said, “Where is the exit?” she asked. Worrying, until I remember that Putin also has no way out and has no one to consult.

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