Intel introduced new processors. But only compared them to Ryzen 5000

At the presentation, Intel introduced a new generation of processors. This is the Raptor Lake line, which should compete with the Ryzen 7000. These processors combine powerful P-cores and energy-efficient E-cores, that is, they are comparable to solutions in smartphones.

The company said Raptor Lake processors outperform the previous generation by up to 41% in multi-threaded performance. In single-threaded growth was 15%. The new chips support 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes and four PCIe 4.0 lanes for SSD drives, as well as DDR5-5600 and DDR5-5200 RAM. At the same time, they maintained compatibility with DDR4.

The processors are said to be significantly superior to the Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 7 5800X3D, with up to 58% gain in gaming in some cases. Why the new items were not compared to the Ryzen 7000 is still unclear.

Raptor Lake goes on sale October 20. Prices look like this:

  • i9-13900K – 24 cores (8P/16E), 32 threads, 3-5.8GHz, 36MB L3 cache, Intel UHD Graphics 770 – $589
  • i9-13900KF – 24 cores (8P / 16E), 32 threads, 3-5.8 GHz, 36 MB L3 – for $ 564 (about 33,200 rubles).
  • i7-13700K – 16 cores (8P / 8E), 24 threads, 3.4-5.4 GHz, 30 MB L3, Intel UHD Graphics – for $ 409 (about 24,000 rubles).
  • i7-13700KF – 16 cores (8P / 8E), 24 threads, 3.4-5.4 GHz, 30 MB L3 – for $ 384 (about 22,600 rubles).
  • i5-13600K – 14 cores (6P / 8E), 20 threads, 3.5-5.1 GHz, 24 MB L3 – for Intel UHD Graphics 770 – for $ 319 (about 18,800 rubles).
  • i5-13600KF – 14 cores (6P / 8E), 20 threads, 3.5-5.1 GHz, 24 MB L3 – for $ 294 (about 17,300 rubles).

It is not yet clear whether processors will be imported to Russia via parallel imports. Recall that the company has also introduced new video cards. 🧜‍♀️ Lovers turned the little mermaid into Vin Diesel and Keanu Reeves

Source: VG Times


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