you won in vain

Two weeks ago, after school, I asked my daughter if she had anything interesting to say to me, and I didn’t care. “Maybe yes, but I don’t feel that way now”, replied. “Uh-huh,” I said, acknowledging that I understood him very well. I was in the same situation. For example, he had reluctantly gone to fetch her with a worn-out spirit. In general, three in the afternoon is a very bad time when everything falls at your feet, deeply unappetizing. No matter how reluctant there is at any time. It is an almost permanent state of mind.

A month ago, I reluctantly had to make a thousand-mile journey without going any further. Days earlier he had attended a reading club without enthusiasm, and a week later he had attended a literary presentation without enthusiasm. When I attended the first meeting of the parents of the students, I had no enthusiasm. That afternoon was critical: I would rather be freed from one of those beautiful diseases, without any visible pain. When I raised my hand to ask a question and it was clear that I agreed, I tried not to start by saying, “I don’t think there are so many parents who want to be here less than I do.” to do. And yet, you see me as a fool to ask what I don’t know. What am I worth?

Perhaps it is impossible to survive without doing unpleasant, unpleasant, ugly, depressing things. A life plan where one only fulfills what they loveand discards the rest, sustains itself in exchange for you starting practice one morning, and suddenly dies at night.

Reluctance is an inertia, an invisible current, a trivial fact. It’s heartbreaking, but you get used to ignoring it. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it gets interrupted and a few cheers go off. That’s what happened the day I went to pick up Helena, and she said she wasn’t in the mood. While he was having a snack in the afternoon, his resistance broke for a moment: “Daddy I have to tell you something”. He paused dramatically and finally added: “I kissed Juan and four others”. The atmosphere of the room was filled with unexpected energy. “But what are you calling me? When? What kind of kisses? And who are the other four? I replied to his announcement. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I don’t feel like it” and closed the band again.

Just doing what you love and discarding the rest is a luxury that gets old with age. I don’t know when we stopped just doing the things we like to do, just being driven by pleasure. One day you discover that, in the form of drama, you don’t stop doing things that embarrass you. But you have to do them. No one will do these for you, and if you don’t, you may have to do the more depressing and frustrating ones later on. We are used to believing that growing up consists in giving up the satisfaction of all pleasures. Fortunately, for every ugly thing we unintentionally do, we can click our tongues or think “what the fuck” without getting discouraged. This is our pyrus moral victory.

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