energetic shipwreck

It’s hot and almost no one remembers the war in Ukraine, except for Pedro Sánchez blaming Putin for the rise in energy prices and the general famine. Autonomous communities affirm how it is clearly impossible to monitor compliance with the Government’s energy plan, since, among other things, it is uncertain, arises from the most absolute improvisation, and is submerged in ambiguity. In fact, almost everyone believes that this will not be a coercive measure, but a flexible norm subject to conscience. Or at least they want to believe it, so as not to rush to the courts, which have not ceased to oppose Sánchez for the illegal restrictive methods employed during the pandemic.

In this case, there seems to be consensus that, like many other bad legislative articles, Spain, like the rest of the European Union, should take austerity measures. The differences begin to emerge in the way they are implemented and in the consent itself. In the case of the Socialists, the councilors chose the most correct and least troublesome way to oppose the government’s plan; It consists in demanding autonomous qualifications. The Government refers only to an exemplary regulation so as not to have to use the term coercive. It’s pure rhetoric, just as Sánchez pompously emphasizes that although the law in Catalonia is not followed, it is there to be obeyed.

The truth is, from afar, it doesn’t seem very convenient for the district business to have hundreds of attendants wait for inspections to check that temperatures in shops, bars and restaurants are properly rated. In this case, it’s not about watching if someone is wearing a mask. After the new decree came into force, the first rumors are that the discomfort caused by the temperature is added to the economic anxiety that this new blackout may bring and the decrease in employment.

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