dreamless tree

While running until the accident, Steve Kerr A base for Michael Jordan’s Bulls and today’s head coach of the Warriors, he looked confused: “I’m not going to talk about basketball. Some children and their teachers have been killed since we stopped education. When are we going to do something!? Enough! There are 50 senators on Capitol Hill who refused to vote on a bill that has been delayed for two years. I ask them: Will you put your desire for power before the lives of our people? Do you realize that 90% of Americans want to check their background to buy guns? Despite qualifying for the final, his team lost that match.

In front of me is the school picture full of smiles from creatures that are no longer there. I’m barely getting out of there. To get a little closer to the image of Irma García, the “lady” mother of four children who died like a protective sky, and her husband Joe, who had a happy face like my Pascual who collapsed two days later as he walked in. house and so stayed for the ruins. The one that doesn’t hang around belongs to the perpetrator’s grandmother, who asked for help after she became the first target of the rifle. The grandson did not stick to the water. Dropped out of lectures and locked in the room where she feeds herself with fire between video games and nets, taking advantage of her 18th birthday to get some real shots and stepping out for a brand new purchase. Finally, the usual.

Yankee owns 50 percent of the weapons belonging to civilians in the world. The president, accused of impotence, asked himself: “Why doesn’t this kind of carnage happen so often elsewhere in the world? Why?”. The Republican backlash is aimed at getting schools more agents and handing over a revolver with ammunition to the teacher. I threw my head at García Teijeiro, a poet, a reference in children’s literature: “My tree had branches from under it/ A jealous wind stole my treasure/ Today it has no branches/ Today is my silent tree, my little tree, no dreams.” It is ruder to take shelter for the direct descendants of the West.

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