Finland plans to deploy 64 F-35 fighter jets on Russian border

The Finnish Ministry of Defense plans to deploy 64 American F-35 fighter jets at the airbase in the city of Rovaniemi. This has been reported interfax

Rovaniemi is located 8 km south of the Arctic Circle, about 150 km from the Russia-Finland border. According to the Finns themselves, the birthplace of Santa Claus is located here.

In December last year, Finnish authorities announced their intention to purchase F-35 fighter jets from the United States to replace the obsolete F/A-18. The first batch of aircraft is expected to be deployed in Rovaniemi in 2026.

It was previously known that there were two US warships, a German frigate and several French ships. reached in Helsinki. We’re talking about the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Gravely, the Whidbey Island-class landing craft USS Gunston Hall, and the French Navy’s F70 Latouche-Treville submarine.

Moreover reportedGreece will buy F-35 warplanes from the USA for the defense of the Aegean Sea.

Source: Gazeta


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