A society tired of violence against women

We have spent so much time and energy trying to contain and treat the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects that we have stopped healing many of the other damage our society has had. And we already know that there are wounds that can become infected if they don’t heal properly.

In recent years we have been passively witnessing horrific events that show that something very serious is not right. For example, the crimes of rape and sexual abuse are increasing exponentially, knowing that men are committing more frequent and brutal gang rapes of women by violently attacking women as if their barbarism weren’t enough, causing serious injury, drugs and drugs to purge them of any shred of conscience and even murder in some cases.

Violation reported every four hours About 168 rapes each month in Spain. And among them, more and more groups are committed by savage men who have turned such a heinous crime into a collective party. In fact, there have been 104 gang rapes at the hands of these barbarian herds since 2016. But the situation is so serious that in the last fifteen days there have been four reports of gang rapes, always by unscrupulous men, in some cases against very young women, of which we can imagine the trauma and lifelong suffering.

But since the data are serious, trying to calculate the true impact of this entire tragedy is certainly the tip of the iceberg, as the Ministry of the Interior estimates that only 11% of violations are reported, with serious consequences. huge chill.

And in the face of this horrific scenario of suffering, there are those who refuse to recognize the problem or dare to question the existence of these barbarities, and come to mock the legitimate anxieties of many women who are experiencing it for the first time. give me the pain of being next. Now, hordes of rapists are wrapped up in a very dangerous gang of hooligans, who take refuge in the anonymity of social networks to cheer these criminals up, and for nothing, throw all kinds of insults at the victims. In some cases, it is even fueled by the odious statements of another politician who understands that their extreme position is also to humiliate and humiliate these women who were raped and those who defended them.

Many men, who view women as mere objects of consumption subject to their whims, are confronted with understanding machismo, rather than assuming a serious problem, with minimal empathy towards victims of unimaginable physical and emotional suffering. Violence and domination by men as a way of relating to women, not a few, questions the existence of these crimes, trying to relativize, if not justify, them. And as if that wasn’t enough, that far-right and neo-fascist ideology that entered institutions and parliaments has become the spokesperson for any act and discourse that tries to justify a Hispanic man they think is in danger. what do they say”feminazi speech”, simply to defend women against the palpable violence of many men.

We are all horrified to see images of women stoned to death in some strict Muslim countries, but here in Spain it seems normal to us that we stone many women victims of sexual crimes on social networks without going any further. by tweeting that adds salt to the wounds and nothing but pain to the torment, by sending humiliating, humiliating, disgraceful messages. And every day we see the cheers of dung dumped from most trendy social networks by anonymous savages determined to make our coexistence unbreathable, with complete impunity.

Today, however, things are likely to get worse, and a derivative force has entered this painful problem of rape, harassment, sexual crimes against women and gang violence, adding, if possible, even more seriousness and harm. As we saw in Burjassot recently, more and more girls are being subjected to these underage gang rapes.

It is impossible not to shudder when learning about events with these characteristics, without realizing that we, as a society, need to rethink many things from start to finish. Unrestricted or parentless use of social networks and digital technologies by minors, the weakness of a sex education that is increasingly needed and increasingly questioned by the right and the far right, the responsibility of parents in their children’s education, extreme sexism is transmitted to children and adolescents, but at the same time any of these crimes It is a fundamental social rejection without being a palliative.

So, knowing how parents applauded as they emerged from court underage children accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old girls, and seeing how some well-known far-rightists violated their rights by even posting photos of girls exposed to this herd. Failure of the prosecution to act should lead us to seriously think that our society is deeply ill.

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