From our world to the unique world

It must be a matter of age, or some amateur who acted as philologists in his time. matinees (to use “should be“and no”should be” for two reasons: because the RAE accepts it when probability or conjecture is expressed, and because the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubt says it in this sense, the language cultured also accepts the use of prepositions: “His daughter Marianita must be twenty years old.”, Party, Vargas Llosa; “My mother does not keep silent that I should be bloodless”, frozen peaches, Espido Freire; “There must even be snakes in there”, One Hundred Years of Solitude, by García Márquez). So, in addition to the snakes and the verbal utterances, it must be a matter of age that reasonably leads me to the assumption that our dual world has changed us – good versus bad, or if you prefer, less bad versus better. the worst – for another open, uniform and uniform world, where we are given only one choice, the worst. Translated into political language, replace Western democracies with regimes with few democratic ideas.

The deadliest of the axiom, when he gets it to sit or stand, is of course that it’s not just totalitarian governments, grand oligarchs, globalizers of paranoid greed, or theocratic dictatorships that are forcing this sinister and irreversible change, no; It is political parties, social network activists, minority groups, media, self-defining platforms, philanthropic NGOs and prophets of the apocalypse who are the harbingers of the apocalypse if we do not consciously lead us to this suicide scenario. They say there will be no salvation. The price to pay?: freedom, democracy, Human Rights, dignity as human beings, access to a fair-paying job, family, children, religious freedom, freedom of expression, right to disagree, conscientious judgment or the right to tell the truth, free and independent information.

For example, if we refer to women’s rights, We are talking about a world where women are seen as inferior beings, their access to education is restricted, they are forced to hide their faces and bodies so as not to be a cause for lust, marriages are arranged for them, and even consumed with lust. children, or killed with impunity. This week we heard the news of two Pakistani women based in Tarrasa who went to Pakistan where they were cheated on by their relatives. They were killed by six men from their own family when they wanted a divorce after being forced into marriage with their cousins. Have you heard the protest voices of the progressive left, muffled by the machismo of the Spaniards? How many demonstrations did they call? What did Irene Montero say in this other world? Silence. But here, Gloria Calero, Government delegate in the Community of Valencia, speaks of a “rape culture” in Spain after the alleged sexual assaults of Burjassot and Villarreal, stigmatizing all Spaniards and asking: “What’s wrong with you?” is happening. To men? Neither me nor you two. Like 99.9% of men in Spain. By the way, if an immigrant were arrested for committing a crime, would he say “what happens to the immigrants”? No.

This week, the Pedro and Irene Government pardoned María Sevilla, who was sentenced to two years and four months in prison for child abduction. She also returns custody of the minor, despite admitting that she will offend again. The woman kept her 11-year-old son on a farm in Cuenca, without school and vaccinations, in lockdown, without any social contact, and to deprive him of his father, who was separated for only half an hour a day. See him. Acclaimed by hundreds of feminist associations, this hero of the left and ultra-left repeatedly denounced the father, but was unsuccessful. When the police arrested him, the boy said his father was the devil. Little managed to normalize his life with his father. Minister Montero referred to María Sevilla and Juana Rivas as “protective mothers” and celebrated the amnesty as a victory “in the fight against sexist violence”. If things had been the other way around, would there have been amnesty? No.

In another direction, but in our world, there is an attempt to acquit the Chilean feminist group Yeguada Latinoamericana, who came to Spain. to be placed In front of the Cuenca cathedral and other churches, half-naked, in religious garb, kneeling in front of a feminist dressed as a Virgin, she shows her ass using a mare’s tail as an anti-sexual prosthetic. According to the Chilean digital newspaper El Mostrador, by this they seek to question the church, the police and the State as “the main institutions responsible for perpetuating the colonial legacy and patriarchal violence”. Editorial SER Cuenca published: “Artistic action [reparen en lo de “acción artística”] The performance project by Yeguada Latinoamericana in front of several churches in Cuenca this Monday continues to get people talking. Its director, Cheril Linett, justified the performance in an interview at Hoy por Hoy Cuenca “for the sexual abuses committed and unpunished, and the oppression of Church members against women and sexual differences.” . Does Yeguada Latinoamericana do these? artistic acts In Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Turkey? No.

I dedicate this article to the memory of Czech composer Bohuslav Martinû (due to the cacophony), whose fifth symphony directed by Neeme Järvi was 75 years old. Silver that makes me think pessimistically about the difficulties Martinû had to overcome to escape from the Nazi world to the United States. He could never return to his country; First Hitler’s Nazism and later Stalin’s Communism prevented this. It’s part of the unique world we’re going to. There are many more examples; We will point them out. For more.

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