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Until now, okay He did not fall into the category of angry veterans who systematically protested everything they saw and heard, regretting that the world continued to turn without their supposedly indispensable contribution. However, reading the draft of the censorship speech that has leaked to the media can lead us to the author of the famous “Economic Theory of Spain”. 26th editionfor some time he had been grumbling in the corners, voicing his protests more or less audible.

call VOXmediated by a friend Sanchez DragoFar from commenting that he was meant to be manipulated because of his prestige and popularity, he believed that one finally understood that the Spanish downhill would save the horizontal only if he was the one to point it out. procedure. After all, the ex-communist had already overcome the ethical barrier of apostasy when, after Tierno’s death and at the head of the IU councilors’ group at Madrid City Council, he ousted the socialist Juan Barranco to enthrone Agustín Rodríguez. Sahagún of suarista CDS is a good person, but up until then, he was the exact opposite of what Tames had been advocating.

In a beautiful interview signed by Juan Cruz in “El Periódico España”, Tames explained that he was not himself.“preparing a meeting but giving an opinion”. The technical anticipation aroused some curiosity in many readers, but carelessness allowed the text to become known ahead of time and frustrated the surprise. Because what’s more, the old, long and boring view is a brutal critique of the role of the left, backed up by a combination of right and wrong. Speech by Nacho Escolar as scooped on “eldiario.es”, 31 episodesand may be current in the eighties because of its language and themes. Also, it’s full of riddles anachronisms and inaccuracies.

One of the things that is amusingly wrong is the reference to legal certainty. Tames bases the alleged current distrust on the failure of the expectations of photovoltaic energy investors – including about 65,000 Spanish families – who invested under certain conditions set by the Spanish State and soon saw their wages cut, creating a cloud of lawsuits. , many still unresolved. Well then: Renewable energy investments date back to 2010, at the time of Zapatero, and we haven’t fully calibrated it yet. the severity of the crisis. And radically changing the rules, drastically reducing profitability, It was Rajoy in 2014. What will this government have to do with resignation?

Another issue that Tümes strays from is the determination of “a judiciary dominated by the executive”. Without needing to bring up the wording as Community of Madrid adviser judge Enrique López has always emphasized the fit between the “majority of judges” and the PP, any average observer would agree. The main problem of justice at the moment is the extremely serious blockade of the General Assembly of the Judiciary, which has been going on for more than four years. To say that the judicial confusion caused by the non-renewal of the judges’ governing bodies under current legislation is the government’s fault seems like an eerie joke.

Reading the speech from beginning to end, which would take about two hours if read in its entirety, leaves behind a feeling of outdated analysis, outdated visions, ignorance of the modernization experienced in the last decades. almost to the endl, Tümes talks about the European Union “briefly”ignoring throughout the conversation, to say that the time has come for Spain to make a grandiose offer to Brussels to imitate the epic work of Felipe González… In short, if Tames reads this document or any similar, it will have served its purpose. The ludicrous curiosity to communicate and pass on that legacy to future generations, mock the Vox mentors and discredit ours, a system that needs to be restarted after two decades of general upheaval.

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