Cocentaina’s PSOE presents a completely new list for the municipality

HE Cocentaina’s PSPV-PSOE will present Completely renewed list for the next municipal electionsThere will be none of the 17 nominees who won the 2019 elections. Current mayor Mireia Estepa will leave the first political line It was something he himself announced a long time ago, after serving two terms at the head of the City Council. Socialist mayoral candidate will be Rubén Muñoz SánchezHE only person applying For this purpose, carried out for this purpose last autumn and broad support by local group.

Rubén Muñoz, 31, Bachelor of Law, Specializing in Business Lawand currently running as a legal advice. Affiliated with PSPV since the age of 18, he had not yet taken the step of running for the candidacy. explain what it is “very thoughtful decision”only after Mireia Estepa claimed her intention never to appear again encouraged to “pull forward”. confirms that he is facing “great desire and illusion”For the purpose of “Reach 48 years of uninterrupted socialist government in Cocentaina”. Since 1979, the PSOE has won all municipal elections in the town without exception. In 2019, the result was 2,466 votes and eight councilors.

What is striking, however, is not the election of a new candidate, but rather the election of a new candidate, as Estepa has already expressed his intention to serve as mayor for a maximum of eight years. do not repeat any of the current government councilors on the listnor the other members of the 2019 nomination. Yes, Marcela Richart is number 3which was Member of the Cultural and Heritage Council between 2015 and 2019, but the rest of the names are completely new. One of the notable additions is Irene Barrachina, member of the SOS Casc Antic Cocentaina Platform, which will be number 5, more than likely to be elected mayor.

Rubén Muñoz, this change clearly “nothing wanted”, but it was only intended for a refurbishment, to involve young people in the project, even if it combines them with “experience” Contributed by people like Marcela Richart. “We will continue in the same line”, in any case, approves the candidate. It also emphasizes that it exists. “fully aligned with the current government team”He said there was a “very normalized transition” for the new candidacy to stand out in the face of the elections. The list was the only one offered and received majority support from the local council last February.

The mayor states some members of the current government would like to continue in his project, but who also wanted “I’m building my own team”. When this newspaper asked Mireia Estepa about it, the current first mayor refused to pronounce. Muñoz, on the other hand, It is “a pride” to aspire to be Cocentaina’s sixth consecutive socialist councilor since 1979. It also emphasizes what it means. Having support and advice is “a luxury” Rafael Briet is mayor from 2007 to 2015 and current undersecretary of the Ministry of Regional Policy, Public Works and Mobility.

Source: Informacion


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