TikTok creates ‘dislike’ button to downvote comments

TikTok introduced the button that allows you to specify in the social network ‘dislike’, This can now be used globally to reject comments that users consider irrelevant or inappropriate.

New ‘Dislike’ button, entire user base social network as a moderation tool to help the platform discover potential spam, trolling or hate speech content

Users will be able to indicate when a comment seems inappropriate or irrelevant by marking the button. thumbs down, or uncheck them if they change their minds when they collect it on Engadget. In any case, the ‘dislike’ count will not be publicly available to prevent harassment or targeted attacks by user groups.

‘Dislike’ was tested with new notifications for creators to let them know that there are checks that allow it on the platform. Filter, block and delete comments.

Source: Informacion


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