Import of cars without ERA-GLONASS – figured out if it’s possible or not

No. The postponement of the mandatory equipment of all cars produced in Russia and imported into our country from abroad remains in effect.

Note that the optional installation of the system is valid until December 31, 2022 and can be extended if the situation requires it (shortage of components).

The traffic police of Russia recalls this in its Telegramchannel, referring to the clarifications from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade:

Vehicles imported into Russia from abroad may not be equipped with in-vehicle emergency call equipment. This applies to cars imported by private individuals for their own needs, legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. The corresponding explanation was given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the federal executive body in the field of technical regulation.

Note that ERA-GLONASS modules are needed to automatically call emergency services (ambulance, traffic police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations) to the scene of an accident. The block itself determines that an accident has occurred, informs the said services and forwards the coordinates of the accident to the officers on duty.

AvtoVAZ is already re-installing ERA-GLONASS units on cars, but they still don’t have an automatic call function – only forced, with a button.

Source: Z R


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