Leica app for shaping photos appeared on iPhone 21:43

Leica launches Lux app for iPhone owners. This free app lets you use 11 Leica Look color profiles that mimic the aesthetics of both modern and vintage cameras. In this respect reports The Verge’s edition.

The free version includes five Leica Views and one lens simulation. For full access to features such as manual exposure control, a subscription of $ 7 per month (about 625 rubles at the exchange rate of June 6, 2024) or $ 70 per year (about 6.2 thousand rubles) is required.

Early beta tests show that the app’s interface is similar to popular third-party iPhone camera services. However, some users reported mixed results, with some Leica Look images appearing “overly filtered” and lens simulations sometimes lacking.

Despite these initial issues, The Verge says the Leica Lux is an interesting alternative for photography enthusiasts.

Russia had a record before price dropped flagship iPhone 15 Pro.

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Source: Gazeta


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