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this Mediterranean countries In Europe, they suffer a stigma that is deserved in some cases and undeserved in others. The clearest example is here Italythe economic giant of the south and the second industrial power of the continent, even before that France. With its unstable governments, the weight of the mafia, extremely high public debt and decades of stagnation, Italy is considered one of the chronically ill in the Union. For the occasional tourist, the general deterioration of its infrastructure seems to confirm this prejudice: poor roads, aging hospitals, old airports.

The contrast with our most exploitative country, Cohesion Funds In the last decade of the last century and the first year of the current century – it is clear: everything in Spain is newer and in general better condition. But Italy is a wealthier, more competitive country, with more industries, more qualified universities, and a better-educated intellectual elite. In fact, the image of a failed state is still an unsustainable myth. Not really. It is true that Italy suffers from chronic indebtedness in its public finances, but at the same time its savings and family capitalization rates are particularly high.

It is true that its R&D cannot compete with northern European countries, but it exports more than it imports, and its industry continues to play an important role in the European context. Although they have made significant public sector adjustment efforts over the past two decades, their governments may seem wasteful. The level of structural unemployment is not disproportionate as in Spain or Greece. And above all, the northern regions are among the successful geographies of the world. And this cannot be said for all European countries.

Italy’s greatest failure is political instability: an endless succession of highly dysfunctional governments and alliances. This is despite the traditional delicacy of the transalpine country, a form of cynicism that has made it resistant to the ingrained Cainist hatreds that have been nurtured against us and have turned Spanish society into a wasteland of brotherhood. This does not happen in Italy, despite its complex historical journey.

Regardless, last Sunday’s elections were a new shock in this political puzzle of the Mediterranean giant. The triumph of a bizarre coalition of parties ranging from Meloni’s far-right to his populism. Berlusconi, Going through Salvini’s glorification of identity is somewhat strange but also predictable in a Europe increasingly distant from Brussels’ bureaucratic elite. It’s a move we’ve seen before in the UK with Brexit and experienced on a different scale a few weeks ago in social democratic Sweden. Box after ballot, we look at the cracks opened up by globalization that has left victims behind. The defensive form is a form of populism that reflects the grievances of the excluded. The fact that Italy is not a failed country just means it will know how to stay up and running; among other reasons, for being an excellent example of a nation advancing despite its rulers.

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