this TM Handball Benidorm went to the track last night EHF Europa League group stageafter defeating the first leg of the qualifying round, Palau d’Esport L’Illafor Amicticia Zurich of Switzerland, by ten goals (34-24).

Fernando Latorre’s team was far superior to his opponent who only stood for the first ten minutes.

Despite the result, the people of Benidorm cannot be trusted, as the Swiss team showed in the previous round against Poland’s Zabrze a very different opponent on the field and managed to overcome an eight-goal deficit. .

Both teams in the match crazy pace and exchange of goals on both goals. Gradually, TM Benidorm managed to adjust their defense and caused errors in the Swiss attack, which allowed them to take control of the scoreboard and take the first advantages.

In the absence of a great outside shooter, TM Benidorm Chose a choral play, dynamic and continuous penetrations, with Calle and Lignieres as the biggest basesTo erode the defense of Zurich, unable to hold Benidorm.

The Swiss coach had to take a break with 10 minutes left. because his team was unable to block the local attack led by Argentine Ramiro Martínez, who scored six goals in the first period.

Amicticia Zurich managed to squeeze the score, but the departure of goalkeeper Samuel gave TM Benidorm an extra life, making most of his goalkeeper’s saves to open a gap in the scoreboard with a few goals.

Alicante team, Grau and Vainstein are impregnable on the defensivefive goals difference, an income he knew to manage until the end of the first period, he came with his income. points (18-13). A six-goal lead that made L’Illa’s dream come true on Tuesday and despite it being a quarter to nine at night, Palau d’Esport L’Illa had a fantastic atmosphere with 700 spectators in their stands.

Seven attacks against six

in the second half, Latorre decided to evacuate his target on every attack, stopped playing six against seven outs, In his quest to surprise the Swiss team, yet despite Samuel’s ten saves in total and the defensive hyperactivity that allowed Latorre to manage his team’s leaderboard with relative ease (24-16, min. 11).

The Swiss coach tried to stop the avalanche again by clearing a timeout (27-18, 16 minutes) and a goal in each attack. The formula worked because Amicticia Zurich managed to score 0-3, cutting the lead to seven goals..

Latorre also stopped the game with a time-out to restart his team that had regained control, now with Iker Serrano and Iván Martínez as the main offensive arguments. TM Benidorm managed to secure a comfortable lead by ten goals (34-24) to face somewhat calmly in the second leg.It will take place next week in Zurich.


TM BENIDORM: Roberto Rodriguez; Vainstein (1), Iker Serrano (7), Lignieres (4), Ramiro Martínez (6, 4p), Edu Calle (4) and Nikcevic (2) – starting with seven Barceló (3), Grau, Sempere (1), Iván Rodríguez (3), Rubén Santos, Soljic, Sotic (2) and Ibáñez (1).

AMICTICIA ZURICH: rod (2); Blatter (5), Popovski (2), Sluitjers (2), Gudmundsson (5, 4p), Bamert (2) and Laube (1) – starting seven- Harbuz (1), Bachmann, Zeltner, Bader, Quni (2) , Platz (1), Hayer and Maros (1).

EVERY 5 MINUTES MARK: 2-2, 5-4, 9-7, 11-9, 13-11, 18-13 -between- 21-16, 22-16, 25-18, 29-21, 31-22 and 34-24 ( final).

REFEREES: Ivan Caçador and Eurico Nicolau (Portugal). Laube (2) for Amicticia Zurich and Grau (2) for Gudmundsson and TM Benidorm were excluded.

MANSION: Palau d’Esports L’Illa de Benidorm is in front of approximately 700 spectators.