Another era of long queues

If there is a queue, it’s because something is wrong. I don’t know anyone who loves queuesUnless it’s your job. Before the internet, swimmers valued queuing up their time. Fulham waiter and writer Freddie Beckitt queues up for rich people who do just what they want and are once paid £20 an hour. On flights, car rentals and theme parks you pay to skip the queue and get more “experience” in limited tourism time.

Queuing is often a momentary mismatch between supply and demand, and when it becomes chronic it becomes a logistical problem. Right now, everything is fine, from the waiting list to operate the waterfalls, to the Spanish buyer who aspires to the German car waiting for the Chinese electronic components.

this covid 19 It reinstated the slow single file, rejecting the real single file moving one by one along the path carrying the items. Native Americans did not know the wheel and did not have pack animals. Covid 19 has put Spain in the supermarket’s food queue and knocked it out of the philanthropic hunger queues. From a height, the tail of the plague continued on the tail of famine. Now the world is in the queue for war. It looked like there would be one Military queue in Russia, but there are 30-kilometer-long Russians lining up to cross into Georgia, where they cannot be militarized and form columns, which are rows that advance at infantry speed. They were united in one wish with Putin: not to die for Putin.

Much has been said about the dormant and funeral queues to see the coffin. II. Isabellashe was the queen of television and the UK, but at the same time Poles lined up for three days to buy coal in the mines and stock up for the winter, when summer was not yet over.

Queuing combines inefficiencies, uncertainty, constraints, anxiety and hostility, so a world with many queues is dangerous. Last Sunday, many Italians got up early and lined up to vote for fascism.

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