Eagle and Sparrow

Observing life in terms of quantity is discouraged. The amount (or repetition) of bad news leads to disinformation.

The amount is surprising.

In Japan, as they say, there are one hundred and six prisoners on death row who are lining up to be executed. If there was only one, it would rock us. If there was only one, he would be lonely, poor, and we would feel sorry for him despite the atrocities to which he was condemned. If there was only one person sentenced to death in the world, we would live waiting for him. We are not even impressed by the phrase “death cell”, as there are many of them. If there was only one death penalty in the entire universe, we’d be pissed when it’s mentioned. But the world is full of execution queues and people awaiting execution, like those waiting to be crowned K2. Not enough executioners, no rope for so many gallows, or watts for so many chairs, or so many electricity or syringes. lethal injection.

This is the bad side of quantity: it makes you dizzy, makes you sleepy, takes away your interest in things. The best way to misinform is to report too much. When truth is extreme, people run away from reality. That’s why beaches, hotels, and highways are full, because people are fleeing the television news in disarray. The odd thing is to avoid the amount hovering over it: everything from concerts to Everest is overcrowded. Villarejo’s music had a certain elegance when he was a year or two old. We’re closing them now because half of Spain is in them and we’ve already learned that no one comes out of a private conversation well.

No more noise please. Find someone who represents them all. Look for a death row inmate who metaphorizes others. We love metaphor for its ability to synthesize. Borges said the name is a summary because when you say “bird,” you mean the same thing as eagle and sparrow. We need to prove, summarize, save. No more quantity, no more quantity of good things, for God’s sake. Thank you.

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