Pope Francis bids you farewell

However, it is often trivial for a senior manager to insist that he stay in his post but be kicked out of the chair after a short time. Now, if a president hints that he’s on his way, the process is irreversible. What is surprising is that the early confession came from the Pope, although Francis provided sufficient evidence of transparency that obviated the need to consult Vaticanologists. Ask Pontiff directly.

Expressions such as “the door is open”, “no problem”, or the date of abdication to “the day after”, which are said with emphasis on Argentine dialect, show that the Pope is saying goodbye to you. The feeling of tiredness and abandonment refers to a feeling of biting the tongue not to pronounce the certainty “I wouldn’t come if I knew”. The extent of the disappointment is summed up in the Farewell Decree, or Motu Proprio, which is a full-fledged caustic slap in the face of Opus Dei. The Pontiff, who hates his cardinals the most, impersonates a Borges cardinal, nullifying the personal judgment of St. John Paul II, which he quotes with disdain rather than contempt. Out of Jesuit arrogance, he reminds the religious institute that the measure affects all individual dioceses, and there is only one. The annual inspection is another problem, Opus will not be able to go it alone unless they impose Francisco’s successor.

The overlap of monarchs and living High Pontiffs creates confusion. Francis’ threat reinforces the hypothesis of the simultaneity of the three Popes living in this world. The summit of the church is more crowded than Everest. Saturation in the pyramidal institution favors the implantation of the papacy at a regular time, with mandatory renewal every five years. Because in the early departure of the Pope, formerly known as Bergoglio, one can speak not of a shock, but of a new chapter in the evaporation of earthly powers. The Pope left because he did not know what would happen next.

Source: Informacion


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