Juanma Moreno’s ‘hyaluronic’ wave

Rule number one in the pessimist’s handbook says that things are never too bad to get worse. It is a maxim that Botànic should take into account. If Panorama isn’t already complicated by Mónica Oltra’s accusation, and worse yet, her refusal to worry about that fact, now a new wave of far-reaching People’s Party is coming from Andalusia. President-elect Moreno Bonilla, “é güeno”. It’s a “hyaluronic” wave (ladies and gentlemen, in addition to the flirtatious gentlemen will understand me) because it renews your political brand with a deep “peel” that destroys the dead cells of Aznarism and fixes the message without it. Botulinum excesses of Olona, With a modern and European right-wing complexion that PP’s Esperanza Aguirre wouldn’t have dreamed of achieving in decades with the fabrications she bequeathed to Ayuso, she leaves the skin in perfect magazine condition for any election date. Needless to say Mazón already wants time for the full cure, which looks good to me because you need to take care of yourself, moreover if your exposure is great. The question is: Can the president of the Provincial Assembly and the candidate for the future Generalitat president receive treatment? “More PP to stop VOX” Does someone who has worked in Andalusia have an equivalent in the Valencian Community? As we learned in “Impossible”, waves drag everything, good or bad. So it’s very true that this telluric move is encompassed by the positive side for a surfer PP, a surprising recipient of “ideologically useful” votes in Andalusia, and the downside for a pedalo VOX, “too much ado about nothing.” This provokes the inverse proportionality between his loud bravado and the eventual effectiveness of the votes he garnered. Given what happened last week, they should also meditate on the reverse waves in Botànic. The heroic lifeguards of our beaches can teach us a full lesson in how deadly it can be to try to snatch those who refuse to be rescued from the mouth of the sea, who do not understand the danger they are escaping. Only the real sense of danger makes us into action machines, managers, and sometimes even effective. If fear or indecision isn’t taking over…

And one more thing:

The ‘culprit’ of the embarrassment of tropical or equatorial nights is the sea. It’s a way of speaking because it’s really our fault, human species. The truth is, the Mediterranean is turning into a soup three degrees above normal at this point in June. This warming is living proof of climate change and also the cause of the troubling effects we are suffering from this change. So far we’re just experiencing the heat (I mean this year) but storms will inevitably come No solution but ignoring doesn’t help either.

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