Gas-intensive industry predicts ‘hard hit’ if it bears the cost of renewables

this industry intense gas consumption, this Monday rejected the re-activation of the project by the Government to create the National Fund for the Sustainability of the Electricity System. (FNSSE) said these companies would “seriously harm gas-intensive industries that are already penalized by the gas price” and “struggle to keep their operations and employment afloat in the worst possible context”.

The Gas Industry employers’ association, which brings together the main gas-consuming industries (including Ence, Fertiberia and Minersa, founded in Asturias), said yesterday that the fund should cease its establishment or, if appropriate, protect the high-consumption industry in advance. “No European country punishes its industrial fabric in this way,” Gas Industrial said.

This statement is supplemented by the statement made in May by the Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry in similar terms.consists of employers in the steel, paper, cement, automotive, refining, chemical and food sectors.

The aim of the fund is to reduce the electricity bill by 13% in five years by subtracting the cost of the renewable energy premiums, which total 7,000 million and currently only covered by electricity consumers, from the electricity bill. with background, this fee will be covered by all energies including gas and oil.

While the burden on natural gas (3,500 million in five years) will have to be borne by its marketers, these will – according to Gas Industrial – be passed on to final consumers. The manufacturing industry claims this will mean a 45% increase in annual costs compared to the 2,592 million it currently contributes to paying the gas system’s tolls and fees. For the Gas Industry, it is affordable and warns against the risk of displacement of protecting domestic consumers and combined cycle power plants and not doing the same as industry: given the cost of gas, industry consumption has since been falling. May is in double digits.

The German government has announced the “bitter” decision to save some coal plants to reduce gas consumption to avoid restrictions in Russian supply and winter restrictions. Austria will take back one of its thermals for the same reason.

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