“They often tell us our songs are ‘super Mecano'”

Strong character and solid vision. Never give up and fight to the end. This is how people born under the sign of the tiger according to the Chinese zodiac sign. So did Alberto Jiménez, Antonio Poza, and Sergio Sastre, who did makeup together. Miss Caffeine. They say that they will encourage the public with their album titled Year of the Tiger, which brings them luck. San Juan night from the square Riazor Sports Palace.

They are the main dish of the most magical night. One Koruna. how to put music to this St. John?

The truth is, we thought this was a really good idea. This tour we’re doing is about reconnecting and returning. The first festival, the first unmasked concert, or the return of the San Juan festivities two years later… It is very exciting for us to experience these for the first time.

A normalcy that makes things better than before?

Yes, after experiencing what I didn’t have, we enjoyed getting it back a lot more. Even so, you seem to have somewhat forgotten what it was. That’s part of normalcy, and that’s good news.

Does the tiger bring you luck?

Yes pretty much. We don’t stop playing and the album was very well received. We don’t have a single weekend off until October, so that’s a very good sign.

Where does this oriental connection that you reflect to the album and now to your live performances come from?

It was because of the aesthetic we wanted to give her. When we sat down and listened to the whole album and analyzed what they had in common, we wanted everything related to it, such as the video clips, the cover, the tour, to have the same concept. While most of the songs talk about feeling in the wrong place at the wrong time, we as Westerners decided to enter the Eastern world. We do not fit into it, but all oriental images are very fruitful and, like everything related to the symbology of the new year and animals, there is a lot to take in.

It sounds different than before. How did the group evolve up to the Year of the Tiger and how does it resonate with the public?

Our fifth album and our followers expect us not to be alike, to do different things. Call it evolution or do something else. We are very comfortable there because we get bored of ourselves very quickly. Even if something doesn’t work, we like to do other things. We want each record to be different. This is the only premise we have set. We do whatever we feel at the moment, regardless of what worked for us before.

Is this how things with others are born? artists?

Exactly the same. At the beginning of our career, we may not have thought of doing a song with Ana Torroja or Rozalén. Over time, the pieces fit together and we collaborated with one of our idols, Ana Torroja.

Is this song a nod to the 80s?

yes, we were born in the 80s and almost all of us have older brothers, even if they are small, for whom we make a lot of music. We listened to the Mecano ad nauseum and it impressed us more in the way he sings and the language than his voice. This leaves a residue in the way of writing. Many times we have been told: “This is super Mecano”. Of course, it could not be otherwise.

I don’t understand anything between the songs on the album. What does Miss Caffeina not understand?

Injustices based on people’s identity. We have always touched upon the subject of LGTBI. This song is about the role of women in society and violence. These are the things that interest us and unfortunately they are part of our daily life. They are topics that are put on the table and it is easier to talk about them in music. People understand. It’s not something that elitist or just protest songs talk about. You can take this theme and say, “I don’t understand anything, this is shit”.

They showcased this album by releasing different singles separately. did you enjoy it

We liked it because it was the best way to keep people attentive and continue the tour. But to be honest, we are more traditional. It’s better to finish the album and just show one song as a cover letter. Although five songs have already been released, we also noticed that more emphasis was placed on the concept when the album was released.

Is it time to just think about the tour or is there a pending project?

We are about to release a new single with Varry Brava, with whom we run the Dancetería project. We have 4-5 concerts together. We want to make new songs by the end of the year and go on tour again next year.

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