Damage, damage and damaged

In general, everything, or almost everything, is a matter of time, the only unknown that needs to be taken out of this relentless equation is knowing when. Since ancient times, mankind has been asking themselves this transcendent question to know, among other salient questions, why we are on this earth and what life will bring us (b.c. fortunately government”.femiwokequeer” taxed them by throwing them—the philosophers—into the fire of the undesirable). Added to the question of time and in the times that followed since Heraclitus, ideological questions were added, for all, to communism (again, by all) formulated by a convicted and confessional feminist like Karl Marx, the inventor of Marxism, which was then converted into scientific socialism and then, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Fidel Castro complement feminists). when are the heavens Miltonians The ideological contemporaneity that was utterly lost in concentration camps, indiscriminate detentions, torture, executions, starvation, poverty, lack of freedom and democracy has become a fundamental shift in strategy, namely: let’s sell identity if we can no longer sell communist ideology for its pathetic and tragic failure. And here we are.

Neo-communist progressiveism, pleonastic leftism, and Manichaean dual realities (save the planet; a better world; peace and love; no hunger; no poverty, etc.) have been restored by leaving the Aral Sea only decades ago in the communist Soviet Union. caused irreversible environmental damage and also silenced the Chernobyl disaster. Those who imposed famines on Ukrainian peasants, or famines in China that resulted in tens of millions of deaths by the Great Helmsman Mao. The ideology that led to the genocidal murders of the Cambodian “Khmer Rouge”, the persecution of homosexuals in the communist world, and especially the “re-education” camps set up by pop icon Che Guevara and his beret. But also the success of the Alliance of Civilizations, which systematically ignores women’s rights without the slightest embarrassment in the other alternative religious society (Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia…) that they are trying to sell us as multicultural. All this, I insist, came from this neo-leftism mutating so-called scientific socialism, communism and the left fashion progress in the absence of ideology scientificIt changes the scenario of the failure of the class struggle and today sells what was previously responsible for destroying identity marks above all else, including gender ideology.

But how could it be otherwise, considering the genetic codes of those who are resurrected today as the sole protectors and guardians of gender, women’s rights (please also read the protectors and guardians), everything is concentrated in power, organic elites, dictatorships, the stigma of those who do not follow them in millimeters, absolute with a devotion and obedience to new nuns (including fortune-tellers and priests, but only allowed) beNumber be) those who guard the Orthodox temple. In terms of communism it is the same as a few decades ago, but mutates when it fails. And back to the beginning: everything is a matter of time. That is, the period when society, the citizen, reconsiders the fallacies concealed by these elites who have chosen to rule the masses, formerly called the proletariat.

We learned this week that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Commonwealth of Valencia (TSJCV) summoned the supreme vice president of Valencia Generalitat Mónica Oltra to testify as an investigator (previously charged) about her ex-husband’s abuses of a minor. under guardianship. Yes, the same Mónica Oltra, once the scourge of the whip, the pope of gender ideology, almost exclusively the defender of women and the homeless, the most vulnerable, especially the little ones. And of course, with these references, that impeccable curriculum, and that refined credibility, it seemed ontologically impossible for the public to have the slightest sign of deviation in behavior, not just personal, that would be required of the orthodox canon. gender-, but above all, in institutional ones, maximally in those with political responsibility tutor I insist on the rights and defense of women, first of all, of minors supervised.

Women’s defense and rights? To defend the rights of women who have been sexually abused? Defending the rights of the most vulnerable women who have been sexually abused? Defending the rights of the most vulnerable women, minors and sexually abused people? Defending the rights of sexually abused, more vulnerable, underage and protected women? What part of no is no and you two don’t understand? How is it that Equality Minister Irene Montero has yet to show up with a plenipotentiary assembly of gender advocates in defense of that underage and protected woman, that girl who was sexually abused – I still repeat – harassment? Recall that when the despicable and loathsome events to which this small and protected woman of 14 took place, she was still the husband of the same writer who was sentenced to five years in prison for molesting the younger. Monica Oltra. where? ultrafeminism is this messy? Calvo, Belarra, Yolanda, Montero and long etc. where are they looking? And them? The damage has already been done and the victim has suffered an endless ordeal. The scandal and distrust created by all this continues to harm. And those who suffer are the protected minors who are quietly left to fend for themselves, slandered and unprotected, enjoying the ironic, tragic state of being protected by gender advocates. And all and all in profile. For more.

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