social manipulation

At this point in history, those with sufficient independent critical capacities can take a bite out of their teeth and congratulate themselves. The most complicated thing is making sure you are truly independent in the courts, with the daily barrage of fake news and slander.

The capacity for manipulation of public and factual forces has remained constant over the centuries, but we are now witnessing a real emergence and evolution of mass persuasion processes with the multitude of tools at their disposal.

Unfortunately, we are all witnessing the development of a delayed war, in which both sides exert the necessary media pressure to convince them of the legitimacy of the war, and we can never be sure of the correctness of the actions taken. This is another example of the persuasive power for every citizen of the world to take a side in their decisions.

Numerous political, economic and social justifications are put forward based on this odious war. Political power and de facto powers manipulate by exaggerating the conflict-based consequences for both the present and the future of the world’s population.

Russian invasions have been active for many years, but until now the real impact of the fictitious strategies of the Russian president has not been calculated. It is unbelievable that preventive measures were not taken ten years ago to alleviate the economic and social catastrophe.

We lean outward from the “Overton Window” that allows us to see the totally unacceptable as acceptable. The Pope talks about the third world war, the economies clash over general interest rate increases, inflation is increasing non-stop and the citizens are again paying the bill.

The Spanish Government bases its actions around the war, confirming the claims of other governments and the European Union to justify the economic and social disruptions we are experiencing.

Social manipulations rely on science to illustrate the mess of the epidemic, religion to heighten the fear of war coming upon us, and politics to show that we need to be active no matter what government angle you look at. as well as constantly launching smokescreens to amuse citizens with lies and half-truths, whether in conflict or not.

It is proof that we have been manipulated, but only for those who are caught up in the slogans of politicians and governments. Those who still have the critical ability are safe, but it’s unclear what happened.

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