Sky News reports London’s protests against rising prices

In London, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the backdrop of record levels of inflation and economic crisis. informs Sky News channel.

Among those who took to the streets were union leaders and representatives of various public institutions. People are dissatisfied with the actions of the British government regarding its policy regarding the economic situation.

Especially the British took to the streets because of the rising fuel prices. At the beginning of June, it was reported that the average price of gasoline in the UK rose to £1,785 ($2.24) per liter, once again setting a record in the history of statistics. People attribute the increase in fuel prices to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s anti-Russian policy.

It was also reported on June 18 that annual inflation in the UK rose to 9% in April. This was the highest figure in 40 years of observation since 1982. In March of that year, the inflation rate was 9.1%. In March 2022, the price increase rate was 7%.

This week’s Guardian reportedHe said food prices in the UK could see a record 15% rise this summer due to sanctions on Russia and Brexit.

Source: Gazeta


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