Morpheus, the “unforgettable” journey

Raquel del Rosario, David Feito and Juan Suárez relived the first tour of “El Sueño de Morfeo” in Oviedo in 2005. emotional and energetic. One of the most exciting moments of the concert, where Asturcanary band reunited with their followers at the Principe Felipe Auditorium in the capital of Asturia yesterday, was that moment. Raquel del Rosario celebrated this musical fraternity – “we were a family from the very first moment” – while David Feito reinforced the emotional dimension of the band’s trajectory –“It was an unforgettable trip”– and Juan Suárez, who retired from the stage due to illness, only came out a few times to say hello, hoping for more reunions: “It would be a shame if you didn’t give concerts like this every year. “.

Thus, “El Sueño de Morfeo” bid his Oviedo followers a farewell they hadn’t been able to enjoy nine years ago, when the three protagonists of the trio decided to open a parenthesis in their personal and business lives. Not only that, because yesterday’s performance was a “The Great Solidarity Struggle”An initiative of Prensa Ibérica and Endesa Music Lover who promoted this meeting to raise money for those affected by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma.

Based on this unique context and as a unique opportunity to bring together fans from all over Spain, from Valencia to Burgos, from the Canary Islands to Piedras Blancas, with a production in collaboration with Caja Rural de Asturias, Fuensanta, Turismo del. The band, consisting of Principado, Turismo de Islas Canarias, Oviedo City Council, Gijón City Council, Wanacars and Riverland, came out with such enthusiasm and strength that it was already an encore on the fourth song and the public started to get excited. It was ‘For Life’ and Raquel del Rosario was already committed to the public, holding the microphone to sing the hymn and following their jokes. Before they make a sound”See you on the way”From her second album, the singer thanked her for the support of “collaborating with the palmeros to save their homes” and came across “Pod” in a semi-acoustic version, in which the characteristic sounds of whistles and violins were revealed. Ricardo Soberado and Suso Moreno.

Juan Suarez Making her debut, first hug and Raquel del Rosario recalled that ‘Forever’ was a popular song at wedding halls and dedicated it to a new couple of two followers, Ángela Ordieres and Javier_Fernandez.

“Gente” or “I’m tired of waiting” continued to renew the public’s memory and that characteristic sound in which violin and electric guitar competed with Raquel del Rosario’s energetic and sometimes fragile voice. He had time to mix up a few songs that made him known in television series like “one plus one seven“, “physics or chemistryOther popular duets such as “It would be for you” and “That’s it for you”.

Bagpipes played on “It’s Up to You” and with “The best is yet to come,” the singer celebrated being able to see the smiles on the public’s faces. “after a few difficult years”.

The trio’s acoustic set came just after the debut performance of “Never Will Return” with young musician Noan and connected with “You until the end”, where the audience and the band were already united. It’s a very sincere celebration. and exciting. Another promotion made it possible to introduce the musicians (along with Israel Sánchez, Cabín and Rubén Álvarez) and even fans who have been with them since the first concerts, some of whom already have children. “Morpheus left some love stories woven into families”, Raquel del Rosario joked.

The party has only one great ending left: “This is me”, “Ojos de Cielo” and “Never will come back”. public stance chanting all the verses, long applause and the feeling of being a big family reunion.

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