No water, no autonomous financing, no infrastructure.

Sorry but I’m negative. No water, no autonomous financing, no infrastructure. A brief synopsis of a near-exhausted legislature. Back in the summer, the election campaign and re-elections: regional, local and strictly national.

On Tuesday, the fifteenth demonstration by farmers took place in Alicante before the gradual closure of the Tajo-Segura transfer, and it seems that the last cut will already be a death sentence. Socialism was not enough to destroy the transfer of Ebro financed by European funds, now it wants this tap to be turned off, more than 40 years of life, 110,000 jobs, contribution to GDP of 2,364 million euros, 2.1 million euros, according to data from the UA, others as well as the number of urban supply users have transformed the southeast into a paradigm of water efficiency. The alternative they have is just desalination, as if it had no energy and environmental costs. For years, they have put it in us like this without alternative and indisputable.

On the contrary, we have fifteen more transfers in Spain that were not affected by the cuts in the southeast. Why? Political decisions, not technical ones. In addition, he has been lobbying for years with negative information as if transfers are harmful. Look at transfers in the United States, such as California, which has similar issues and different transfers to southeastern Spain. Or the Chinese government’s commitment to transfer policies, with a massive transfer of 45,000 million m3 across three routes from south to north; east, central and west feed the major Chinese cities.

We turn to regional financing. Former Finance Minister Vicente Soler bids farewell to his counterpart, Minister Montero, and regains the vengeful spirit he had with ex-Minister Montoro due to the lauded regional funding. It’s been almost four years from Montoro to Montero and nothing new under the sun. Soler leaves with 11,817 million euros more debt than found in 2015. We reached 10,665 Euros for each Valencia. Don’t expect this legislature to reform regional finances. In the final chapter of Rajoy’s legislature, as the people’s coffers grew again, he called for a compromise and a state deal with the Socialists to reform the system. Nothing, skip forward. We will solve the problem. Now, with lean times coming in administrations, it is said that the system has not been reformed in recent weeks because the PP did not want (and is in opposition). Political Fraud. We still haven’t been able to fix the problem. Another kick forward. Gone are the years when political parties agreed to solve state problems. Then they wonder about the citizens’ anger towards politics and politicians.

Government crisis in the consulate. Yes, the government crisis. Because changes in a government are called a “crisis” even if they want to appear as something else for political communication reasons. A crisis expected since Christmas was described in informative editorials with hair and signs by those responsible. It is clear that something is not right and there is one year left for the elections. A government crisis is not support for the government; The next year, the administration paralyzed pre-election period gives you time to get to know the civil servants, the industries you’re targeting, and more.

Finally, infrastructures. Mole Day. Always talking about the same things and always expecting the same thing. Modernization of the provincial commuter rail network, coastal train, Alcoy-Xàtiva train, Dénia-Gandía train connection, Alicante port connection, third railway of A-7 and A-31, waiting CV routes, Mediterranean Corridor, train to airport, San Isidro junction and others. Resignation is the word to describe this situation.

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