Plenary session of the parliamentary statute will be held in Elche for the first time

An atypical process that is also on the way to having the result is no less atypical. Elections at the Alicante Chamber of Commerce have been a hallmark of tension since long before they met officially. two candidates Juan Rivera -president during this term, which is now ending- and Carlos Bath -the vice-president- announced his candidacy at the Alicante Economy Night, the most important day for the establishment of the chamber. From there, attempts to reach a compromise between the two candidates on various fronts, or even to find a third way, did not quite work. Both stood firm. For the first time in decades, there were two candidates, one campaign, and an extraordinarily high number of candidates. 40 celebrities those who took their places by choice. All very unusual so far. So, until the election of May 5 resoundingly tipped the balance in Bath’s favour. To the extent that Tescoma’s CEO and head of the Facpyme trade association managed to get 39 of the 40 seats in the plenary session for its partners. Riera only kept one. Now your end will also be very unusual. The first session of the charter of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce, at which the executive committee will appear and the confirmation of Carlos Baño as president, is mandatory, will be moved to here for the first time. elche.

Finally, the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, the department headed by Rafa Climent and where the chambers’ guardianship powers, was transferred to the end of June and specifically to the Assembly. Tuesday, 28th at 18:00., full constitution. This is how the Bonfires in Alicante are expected to end, as the call set the maximum date for 15 July and logically aligns it with the agenda of the minister attending the event. This is not to say that it is thought so in certain circles, and especially those closest to Carlos Baño. to bring the general assembly to the end of JuneUnless there’s an unlikely scenario twist today, the results are pretty much said.

In any case, it was Baño himself who decided to take the entire constitution of the chamber establishment to Elche. “The fact that the room is not just Alicante, but the entire province, and that’s exactly why decentralization and reach all municipalities» He adds that the predisposition of Carlos González, mayor of Elche, and Carles Molina, mayor of Economic Incentive, is fundamental. In any case, we should not lose sight of the fact that the head of CEV in Alicante, Joaquín Pérez, is from Elche and until last March was also responsible for Cedelco, the Elche employers’ association. In fact, the business confederation said in early May, just days before members were elected, the deal between the two candidates was rejected, and the term for telematic voting had already closed.

Currently, there are two locations that the Elche City Council offers to the Chamber, both located in the center of the city. On the one hand, it would be Congress Center, with an auditorium that can seat more than 400 people. On the other hand, it would be big theaterIt has a capacity of more than 700 people. Actually, the goal is to visit the two sites over the next few days to evaluate the facilities, but obviously the difference in capacity between one and the other will show up at the end of the selection.

Maximum 60 members represented in the general assembly

The general assembly of the Chamber consists of 60 members who must elect the president. In total, twelve positions correspond to the companies that make the most voluntary contributions to the institution, while eight positions are on the recommendation of the CEV board of directors. The remainder are optional, but in this case there were three cases in which ballots were not required either because they were unique candidates or because the remaining applicants were withdrawn.

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