The Swedish Ministry of Defense said they did not receive a written security guarantee from the United States.

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said that Stockholm has yet to receive any written security guarantees from the United States during the period when Sweden and Finland’s applications to join NATO are being considered. This has been reported TASS.

The day before, Hultqvist met with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin in Washington.

“We do not have written agreements. But we have discussed this issue and here we are talking about the navy presence, military exercises, air presence and cybersecurity we have to take into account,” he said.

May 15 at the ruling Swedish Social Democratic Party declarationHaving officially decided to apply for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance, the Confirmation process can take up to a year.

The two new proposals garner the full support of US President Joe Biden’s administration, while chief national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US “confidents” that Sweden and Finland will successfully join the alliance.

Source: Gazeta


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