Whose war, whose mother dear

In any incomprehensible situation, you need to take buckwheat and sugar. It would seem that it was written somewhere deep in the subcortex of the great Russian people – how else to explain their actions in times of crisis?

There has been a buzz on social networks for two months: The prices of these products have skyrocketed. And I probably would have panicked if I hadn’t known the situation from the inside. But due to working conditions, the author of this column personally attended the checks together with Rosfinmonitoring – and no! To put it mildly, there is no shortage of sugar and other products in the country.

So, everything we observe is really an artificially created hype! And to be honest, sugar isn’t the biggest problem.

I guess someone like me who has been to home appliances and electronics stores is still walking around with a bit of a sullen face. Prices for some goods have skyrocketed literally dozens of times! Again, due to work and need, I dived into the question. And what did you learn? No amount of logistics or other reasonable circumstances can explain this increase in prices. So, naturally, the manufacturer felt it was possible and raised prices.

Russia is not competitive in the IT world. More precisely, on the market for the production of “iron”. You don’t need to be an economist to realize that import substitution in this industry is nothing more than a “relabeling” from Chinese made to Russian made. Only this, nothing more, explains the pricing policy of Western manufacturers. The market somehow stuck to mutual agreements, but the words “sanctions” and “gas” sounded – that’s all. Here is a laptop that costs eight times more, take what they give you if you wish.

What can you say? I’ve never flattered myself about ethics in the business world. Although it may seem so, there is less of it than in politics. But most of all, the desire to save the reputation of our “Western partners” in such a game is amusing. Some explanations and justifications, references to Russian “aggression”, Ukrainian flags.

Neither “aggression” nor Ukraine has anything to do with it. The issue is basic greed and dishonest market game. Against this background, the handshake of our systemic liberals is traditionally poignant. They always seem to feel genuine joy when at least something bad happens in their homeland. And even 150 thousand iPhones do not bother them.
The funny thing is, they’re the target audience for companies that are now raising prices on literally everything. And how their political positions fit in their heads with this economic reality is a great mystery.

And as for sugar, I want to say. Comrades, there is enough sugar in the country for everyone. Don’t help dishonest manufacturers take advantage of your panic. Do not rush to supermarkets with cars.

After all, it is not more correct to say: with whom the war is related, with whom the mother is related.

The author expresses his personal opinion, which may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Gazeta


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