About the distribution of money

A radio commentator compared a country’s monetary mass to an individual’s muscle mass. Money supply is understood as the amount of money circulating in an economy in cash, deposits or financial products. with the expression “muscle mass” Instead, we are talking about the sum of all muscle fibers in the body, including muscle fibers that move on their own, independently of one’s will and without the person being aware of their movements. I raise my arm when I feel like it (or when I want to believe it is), and my heart moves when I feel that way. Others involuntary movement of musclesIn addition to the heart, they are those that cover the walls of internal organs such as the stomach, intestines or bladder, cooperating in the process of digestion and waste elimination whether you like it or not. We should also not forget about the blood vessels that regulate the flow and pressure of the blood. One of the most sensitive muscles that move freely is the pupillary muscles, which expand or contract depending on the amount of light in the environment.

In short, most of the muscle mass is out of our control. It is possible that some of these involuntary muscles will continue to work for a while after death, because by disobeying they would have disobeyed even death. There have been yogis who ordered their stomachs not to be digested or their pupils dilated, but no one is known to have succeeded in doing this. Ultimately, we are formed both physically and mentally. partly conscious and partly unconscious. It is the unconscious part that we are truly dependent on, both in one area and the other. Without the heart we would be nothing. As for the self, we attach great importance to it because deep down we feel that it is nothing more than a wimp at the hands of impulses that inhabit the darkest parts of our mental geography.

So I wonder if there are areas in the money supply that work on their own, independent of the actions of central banks and monetary authorities in general. And I answer yes, this is mass of money There are many dark regions where the tides of money are directed, that is, its distribution, which, as we all know, is very unfair.

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