Shakira refused Proposal of the Barcelona Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Not being prosecuted for allegedly defrauding the Treasury of 14.5 million euros Between 2012 and 2014, as reported in a statement by the artist and his legal team. For this reason, the Colombian singer, who reiterated his innocence, will be put on trial. In recent weeks, the artist’s lawyers have held talks with the public ministry, but no agreement has been reached in the end. The prosecution concludes the indictment. In a complaint filed by prosecutor Carmen Martín Aragon, he could be sentenced to a felony sentence for six crimes charged with not paying taxes.

Shakira and her team, in this case “total violation of their rights”, because he has always exhibited impeccable behavior as a person and as a taxpayer, and has been “fully willing to resolve” any differences, even before criminal proceedings. The artist, who still does not agree with the legal team about the consistency of the alleged debt, has already paid the 17.2 million due, according to the Spanish Tax Office, and therefore, “for many years there were no outstanding debts to the Treasury,” according to the singer’s representatives from Barranquilla. .

the artist argues that “Always faithful advice from the best experts and expert advisors of PricewaterhouseCoopers” and that it “impeccably” complies in the more than 20 jurisdictions in which it pays taxes, and that “never such unreasonable and severe cruelty from a treasury’s point of view, and such an overt use of the media and reputation as a collection mechanism”.

“Uncompromising attitude”

As the legal team understands, the prosecution continues without showing. “direct evidence or reasonable criteria” support the accusation and the judicial process “takes a completely uncompromising stance throughout the investigation”. Shakira, the effects have never left the required time according to the norms given international commitments. Lawyers say the prosecution is abusing “an obscure legal concept of occasional absences on the basis of a technically controversial issue”.collect the money i earn on my international tours Y In “Audio” While not yet residing in Spain, they resorted to unjustified pressure for profit, as they unjustly and every day do to thousands of taxpayers,” says the artist.

The legal debate of this process is whether Shakira has been a regular resident in Spain since 2012 and stays in the country for at least 183 days a year. liable to pay taxes to the Spanish Treasuryapart from the occasional, punctual or occasional outings he makes for performances. While the defense has so far argued the opposite, this is what the prosecution claims: their stay in Spain was irregular.