Why are “call to parents” Hagi wags so popular?

Beast promoted by bloggers and social networks

Today, adults and children buy Hagi Wagi monsters in bulk all over the world. And according to Anton Yakovlev, the founder and head of the Igramir soft toy factory, the reason for this popularity and sympathy for the Haga Vaga character and scary toys in general is that they evoke emotions.

“Each of us, and especially children, want to buy as soon as he sees that he is feeling strong. Hence the popularity of toys in the SCP Foundation fandom, for example, the siren-headed monster or the same Hagi Wagi promoted by bloggers and social networks, ”says Yakovlev.

At the same time, according to the founder of the soft toy factory, such scary characters will always occupy their niche in the market – they are the antipodes of plush animals familiar to everyone. Those who want to stand out, evoke special feelings and live will buy; those who are drawn to all things extraordinary and extraordinary.

“Even my kid asks about Hagi Wagi despite being afraid to sleep after watching content with him. However, we avoid the production of such toys in our factory, instead we prefer funny and cute monsters that will not scare children.

In addition, as experience has shown, there is often a high, but short-lived demand for such toys.”

According to him, Hagi Wagi is not first on the summer waves list of popular anti-stress toys, but that year it was replaced by pop-it and squish.

“In the season they appear on social networks, the demand rises to four digits, they are sold everywhere, and then they disappear from the media, the demand flies to zero,” the expert said.

injury or recovery

By the way, according to psychologist and neurocoach Natalya Manuilova, the fear that children experience when playing with such monsters can seriously affect their development. According to the expert, everything that falls into the field of vision of children always affects the formation of their psyche and worldview. Therefore, toys should be compatible.

“With toys that get crazier each time, the child often enacts specific scenarios that they can use later in life. In the game, children understand how they will behave in the future and choose a certain role for themselves. If a child plays with a monster and models its behavior in the game, what role will he choose for himself?

If a child plays with a teddy bear, he learns to show love and attention, which develops certain character traits in him. What character traits can be developed by playing the character of Hagi Waga, who comes to life and eats the workers of the toy factory? Asks Manuelova.

Natalya Naumova, a family psychotherapist and child psychologist, adheres to a different point of view. According to him, the traumatization of the child’s psyche does not depend on a particular toy, but on perception.

“Adults today are more afraid of these toys than children. They think that Hagi Wagi or other non-standard dolls can harm the child and will do their best to protect him from everything “terrible”.

This is partially true, but adults shy away from their own traumatization and childhood experiences. And they do not even realize that even such frightening toys at first glance can not only injure, but also save from injury. It just depends on each child’s perception,” says Naumova.

According to the family psychotherapist, everyone is interested in Hagi Waga’s toys: from children to adults. But each category has its own reasons. Adults, for example, may be fans of the game, like something out of the ordinary, or just be interested in horror themes. Schoolchildren are often interested in scary toys in protest, for example, when parents do not understand and do not accept such a toy. It’s like they want it though.

“Another option is for young people to try to prove their “adulthood” by showing courage and courage. And it works! Such toys really allow you to overcome fears, teach scary monsters to laugh. After all, this is just a toy that will do nothing, and in the game he can be a kind and funny person – the child himself will have these characteristics, ”says the child psychologist.

Moreover, in his opinion, with the help of such toys you can get to know your child better, because in games, children unconsciously try to let out their emotions, and when playing a character, they work on injuries, embodying the scenario of negative experience. together with the other.

“Sometimes children want a scary toy to show the real situation. For example, a child who voices Hagi Wagi in the play can scare another character that may happen to him in his life.

Natalya Naumova believes that parents should pay attention to this and listen to the “bells” so as not to miss such important things.

Also, often at some point, children “peer” such toys, and over time they begin to really scare them. It is also important not to miss this moment without embarrassing the child and getting upset about why the toy was taken. In addition, such toys should never be given to children under the age of six, much less insistence on purchasing them.

“Children at this age perceive the toy as a living being. In addition, his fantasies run so violently that he can come to the wrong conclusions when playing with him. Especially considering the fact that he does not have much experience in mental operations, ”says the psychologist.

However, Naumova said that playing with someone like Hagi Waga in older children is less likely to cause injury. It may also only occur if it is preceded by some frightening event, usually associated with important adults. Therefore, if a child suddenly becomes afraid of a toy, he should not mock and condemn it, but protect the offender, punish and play the scenario that the frightened child needs to the fullest. The expert explained that you can then turn off some gestalts associated with negative experiences.

This year, a toy is popular with adults and children – the antagonist of the horror game “Poppy Playtime” by Hagi Vaga. A monster with a big smile and sharp teeth became a meme character and quickly became famous on social networks, so they began to buy him as actively as spinners or pop-it, as he once did. Experts told socialbites.ca whether a scary toy can harm the soul and why the popularity of Hagi Vaga will soon end.

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