BRICS breaks West’s isolation from Putin

annual meeting agenda BRICS takes into account the difficulties posed by emerging economies The delicate global context of wars, epidemics, and galloping inflation, but it is unlikely to be anything more than exaggerated and empty phrases. Arouses more interest photos Vladimir Putin Screen sharing with colleagues Brazil, India, China and South Africa denying his status as a pariah.

None of these countries supported economic sanctions against Russia, and only one signed the UN declaration condemning the invasion of Ukraine. It was Brazil, and it quickly became clear that its position in the conflict was one of the following. rigorous impartiality. It will not be difficult for Putin to prove to his inner audience the distance between only 17% of the world’s population and this isolation repeated by the West. Already advanced the summit in the video sent on the eve It will accelerate the renewal of your customer portfolio. He said traditional trade with Europe would be managed from BRICS’ “most trusted international partners”. This is not a negligible market: it brings together 40% of the population and 25% of global GDP.

Chinese leadership

The summit will also be a way for China to demonstrate its global leadership the week before the G-7 and NATO meetings. In both, Beijing takes hostile speech lightly. Xi Jinping, President of China and host of the virtual summit, was overflowing with his sympathy for Russia against US expansionism. “The Ukraine crisis is another warning to the world. It reminds us that blind faith in the so-called power position and attempts to expand military alliances and secure one’s own security at the expense of others only lead to conflicts.” Already integrates casuistry acid criticism of bloc policy and US military harassment will seal any Xi-Putin talks, but India, the epitome of diplomatic pragmatism, is unlikely to allow it this time.

India joins the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a military organization sponsored by Beijing, and QUAD, a supranational security group orbiting Washington and which China describes as the Asia NATO. The largest enterprise cooperation within the BRICS, which the Prime Minister had requested the day before, Narendra Modi, He was already aware of his reluctance to mess with other people’s aprons. South African colleague, Cyril Ramaphosa, while referring to poverty and lack of access to vaccines, Brazilian, Jair Bolsonaro stressed economic integration.

The mismatch of previous conversations brought out the group’s problem. It was born in 2009 from an understandable lament: emerging economies, World War II. It was underrepresented in the global financial architecture built by the West after World War II. They wanted a new order with a better understanding of the developing world, and by these expectations, failure is blatant. privileges of Washington and Brussels and lack of cohesion of its members, with different political systems, opposing geostrategic claims and historical fights. India and China, the world’s biggest demographic powers, have been unable to resolve their decades-old border disputes. Their hidden insecurities hinder the progress of a healthy alternative to the existing order of wealthy and selfish nations. China plans to increase the number of BRICS countries to give itself more weight, but India opposes this for fear that new members will be closer to Beijing.

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