The bank will present its plan to take the money to the emptied Spain before August.

New one Minister Spanish Banking Association (AEB), Alejandra Kindlanbank employers this Thursday action plan to improve access to financial services Spain ruralAs reported by EL PERIÓDICO. The President of the Traditional Banks Association pointed out that the main purpose of the initiative was shared with the bankers. MINT (former savings banks) and UNACC (credit unions), this half a million people the more they can have access to cash In their municipalities, they have been deprived of this opportunity since today.

At a conference organized by the Association of Economic Information Journalists (APIE) and Menéndez Pelayo University, Santander’s former director said employers should seek a first step. “map” on problem Financial exclusion in Spain As this paper progresses, the report has been commissioned from the Professor. Joaquin Maudos and the two main preliminary results are: 3.3% of the population resides in towns that do not have bank branches, although they have other means of physical access to the most basic services (such as ATMs or what is known as ‘officebus’). this 1.4% of the populationon the other hand, he does not have access to cash in his municipality.

Kindelán explains that employers hope to have precise data “next days” and his idea is to present the report together with the sectoral measures plan to the public. before august, ideally in mid-July. “We are already working many agents being able to close the plan and also very good Cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. It must be said that not just a problem Banks, depopulation problem is everybody’s problem. We saw that there was a theme there as well. community services. But of course banks commitment to work in order not to remain as the top priority in this matter. no customers behind“regardless of their place of residence and digital capabilities,” he said.

In Congress, a invoice with broad parliamentary support mandatory assets put ATMs in Municipalities at risk of financial exclusion, but Kindelán countered that possibility. “Automatic cashier does not solve everything; on the contrary, there are also towns or municipalities where it is simply not what it is. expensiveis this will not be used. Many customers tell us what they want talk to someone. That’s the question we’re seeing today, as physical presence is no longer just an office or a teller: office busesthere is financial intermediariesthey have offices to mail‘ he argued.

Kindelán also referred to the preliminary draft. Financial Client Defense AuthorityThe government wants to take it to Parliament in the fall and the AEB and CECA’s unconstitutional, as this newspaper progresses. “We one continental European country that is, to create a new paid authority with binding decisions only for institutions. We want to prevent you from assuming. more costs, more complexity and more legal uncertainty He complained that he is in the process of resolving the allegations.

Likewise, he has ruled over the possible situations. fusion from his relationship with MINTa possibility that has been circulating in the industry for years, Bank of Spain advocates and this depends, first of all, on the will of the big banks. “Alright for now the truth is we are in a processintense cooperation. For me, the goal today is not to unite, but to work together, to coordinate, and what is important is to be together,” he said.

Kindelán wanted to capitalize on his first response to the press as head of the EEU, in a more relaxed and affectionate tone than usual by employer leaders in the financial sector in their public response. social role emphasis from the bank. “I so proud I wholeheartedly believe in the value it adds to the economy and society while working in this sector. Banks are more loyalty more than ever before on the issues that concern the society.

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