Fireworks season: how to calm our dog

Some dogs have a scary time when some people decide to have fun with fireworks. End of the year, celebrations after a football victory, Fallas, Sant Joan… In short, the calendar is full of such events all over Spain. There are no miracle solutions however, there are some measures that can alleviate some of the anxiety in the face of these unexpected hums. Here we share all the practical tips that might help you a bit. private portal offers the following advice for trying to help our pet.

An earlier recommendation be very careful walking dogs during fireworks and fireworks. You never know when someone will have the happy idea of ​​making a noise nearby: It’s easy for a dog to freak out, pull and run.

Check well whether the collar or leash is loose: an unexpected pull is all it takes to make the walk a nightmare.

In those days it is always better to walk the dogs on a leash. Y always date her lock where is your phone number (anyone write the phone on the necklace)so they can call you as soon as possible if they get loose.

It’s also a good idea to walk your dog before nightfall and the moment of maximum noise.

Many dogs are afraid of thunder and fireworks commuter

one. Do not leave the dog alone at home and if possible try to place it in a room as far away from the noise as possible.

Previously, your dog had a little “safe area”a corner of the house where he is particularly comfortable with his toys and sweets… so that he can take shelter there during difficult times like Christmas.

If your dog is used to being in it carrier and pleasant moments, trips close to you, etc. associates with. you can let it in: it would be like its “mobile safe zone”. But don’t leave him alone in a closed carrier, as this could make his anxiety worse.

You can even cover part of the carrier with a towel to make it feel more protected.

two. Keep calm and try to convey the same feeling to the dog, but normally without exaggeration..

The problem isn’t just inadvertently reinforcing the behavior we’re trying to avoid.

patience and calmRemember that your dog is like a sponge for your emotions, if he sees you being nervous he will probably be more nervous.

It’s not about ignoring her discomfort, it’s about trying to make her feel like she doesn’t have to worry.

3. Produce other types of noise that ‘hide’ the sound of fireworks.

Turn on the radio or TV, turn on quiet music: it’s about non-alarming noises that serve to offer a sense of normalcy and calm.

On Youtube you can find various videos of peaceful sounds and music specially designed for dogs. There are even those who compose special music to calm dogs.

4. Adaptive

It is a product created from a natural pheromone that helps reduce stress in both adult dogs and puppies.

In some forms, it is recommended that you start using it at least one week before the arrival of the pyrotechnics.

In the electric diffuser version, it diffuses the same pheromone in the air that mothers use to calm their babies after birth. It is not sedative or sedative.


It really works for some dogs but as always it’s best to ask your vet.

5. ‘Calming’ clothes, reassuring T-shirts

The idea of ​​this type of clothing is to channel the benefits of techniques like the Tellington TTouch. pressure therapy: achieve a calming effect by applying light and continuous pressure on the dog’s body. This causes the release of calming hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin.

Not all dogs react to Thundershirt, but when they do… seems like a miracle, as in the case of our friend Nero. Ideally, our dog should get used to wearing it days before the peak of the fireworks.

There are those who, like TTouch bands, try a shirt that can fit a dog without a lightning shirt to try to achieve the same effect.

But, again, if you’re not used to wearing clothes, you’ll need to get used to it before the day of the fireworks for it to be effective.

6. try distract your dog with a ‘long-lasting’ treatsome bone or a dessert you love very much.

This only works if you’ve managed to block out the source of the noise so that if she’s not already upset, she can focus on something nice like her toys or treats.

7. There are those who try raising awareness in the neighborhood leaving signs on the portal and on the street explaining that there are dogs (and the elderly and small children) suffering from the effects of fireworks. Sometimes it works…

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