Man who killed his sister in Murcia will spend 15 years in a mental hospital

Francis VMman He stabbed his sister to death in Churra (Murcia) went to church in the summer of 2020, sat on the bench of the Murcia County Court this Thursday. According to the news of the newspaper La Opinion De Murcia, which belongs to the same group as this media, the man requested by the Prosecutor’s Office was taken to the prison psychiatric hospital due to mental illness. And so he was convicted with a firm decision: he will become a neighbor 15 years boarding school.

Given that he was incompetent due to mental illness, the trial lasted only a few minutes: atypical psychosisA picture similar to that of paranoid schizophrenia from a legal medical standpoint in terms of symptoms, evolution, and attribution.

The man is undergoing a drastic psychic change, feeling that he cannot be blamed for his mental illness, although it is proven that he was the one who ended the life of his older sister Gloria in a house in the Murcian in question. Town in the summer of 2020. Gloria received more than 30 stab wounds to vital organssuch as the heart or lung that crosses the aortic artery and causes death.

Widow of the victim, who appears as a private prosecution in the case, will receive 95,000 euros as compensation. Each of the victim’s two children, an additional 50,000 euros; each of the three brothers, 15,000; and mother, 40,000 in the house where the crime was committed.

The verdict calls for the prison to disband Francisco. adequate treatment According to his personal situation, in cases deemed appropriate, to be transferred to another institution or penal execution center deemed appropriate for this purpose in order to comply with the security measures taken, and to be immediately accountable to this judicial body.

Source: Informacion


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