This is II. Event program for Elizabeth’s Jubilee.

Platinum Jubilee II. Isabella Thursday kicks off with the big Trooping the Color paradeAttended by Royals, 1,200 officers and soldiers from the Household Division, 240 horses and hundreds of musicians from the Army. Seventy Royal Air Force and Royal Navy aircraft They will greet you from heaven. The event, which celebrates the queen’s birthday every year, is considered a major tourist attraction. It will end with a view from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. exclusively from active members Royal family. The monarch’s participation in this and other events of the long weekend is not guaranteed and will depend on health and mobility issues. At night, 2,000 locations will be illuminated in the UK and Commonwealth countries memorial torches.


Friday St Paul’s Cathedral, the country’s largest church, will welcome all royalty, members of government, diplomacy and other officials. The Queen is a religious person and says she “trusted God” all her life. There will be no Archbishop of Canterbury at the Thanksgiving ceremony. Justin Wellbysuffering from respiratory disease. expected to be there, Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, has been excluded from all royal duties for his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking scandal. The eagerly awaited return Enrique Y Megan. For the American, it will be the first time the couple has returned to the UK after leaving for the United States.

Lego reproduction of Buckingham Palace with the royal family on the balcony. REUTERS

On Saturday, the queen and other members of the royal family make appointments at horse races. epsom derbyAn international competition for purebred quadrupeds. forty jockeys The queen’s past and present will form the guard of honor of her owner and her great admirer. In the evening, there will be a concert outside Buckingham Palace with performances by the artists. Diana Ross Rod Stewardattendance of 22,000 guests, among other former splendours.

Lunch with neighbors

The anticipation at the Mall of London before the Queen’s jubilee. REUTERS

The British will set the tables on Sunday 16,000 streets Eating out with your neighbors. Moreover 60,000 people registered such events, requiring prior authorization. an afternoon cavalry regiment of 10,000 participants He will tour central London for three hours, evoking a 70-year reign. It will end with a new look of the royal family on the balcony of the Palace, where the parade will end.

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