Murcia also wants to be the south of German pensioners

The Region of Murcia does not cease to be next winter. tourist destination for german pensioners, if they eventually had to migrate south to escape the cold. The gas crisis caused by the occupation of Ukraine and the expectation that it would be more difficult to support the station in Germany if the supply in the country runs out, German travel agencies. Recommending seniors to spend the winter in Spain to reduce fuel consumptionwill be required for the industry. The hotel management and the Ministry of Tourism await the decision with interest in Murcia. Sources from the Marcos Ortuño department said that while German tourists’ favorite destinations are Mallorca and the Canary Islands, the Community is “waiting” to see if the offer stays or they don’t think what to do.

The architect of the initiative was the head of the organization. Association of Independent Travel Agencies of GermanyMarina Linnhoff, who proposed to her government to form a government, 500 euro bonus for accommodation in the south of pensioners So that the old people do not get cold in their homes in the coming winter months. His approach is this: “A journey against Putin is better than freezing because of Putin”. According to La Vanguardia, although Berlin did not make an official statement, Jana Schimke, chair of the Bundestag tourism committee, assured that paying for the winter in Spain for the elderly will not compensate for the possible savings in gas consumption.

Local people and accommodation businesses are cautious about the offer. “From the regional government and especially the Ministry, waiting for the offer to continue or some kind of action is not considered,” noted Tourism sources.

For Jesús Jiménez, president of the HoyTú regional employers’ association, “the chances of the elderly in Germany spending the winter in the south today are merely bubbles of speculation and testing by the Government and German society.” Jesus Jimenez “It’s hard to compete with Mallorca because this is his favorite destination”, but the Region has “one advantage: Average temperatures and sunny days, which makes it more like the Canary Islands,” he notes. He thinks it’s the regional Administration that should initiate promotional actions to try to end seasonality, especially when we have a large number of European funds that can be used to promote tourism abroad.

On behalf of Soledad Díaz, president of the Hostetur tourism association, “The German market is very loyal to the Balearic Islandsalthough doesn’t mean they won’t change anytime”. “Heating hotels here is also worth the money,” he says, assuming that companies will “make their calculations”, but “exclude anything“.

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