clean bathroom screen It is a tiring, heavy and very ungrateful job because either you do it every day or every time you use it or those limescale stains don’t go away. It always seems like the screen is dirty…


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Here we tell you that there are three items that you have in your home. They can be used to eliminate those annoying white residues.but if you want it to be flawless all the time, you have to be constant while cleaning it.

Inside Mercadona They have once again brought out a traditional product that can make this task a little easier for us. It’s a very simple Bosque Verde window cleaning handle: a handle and a long rubber to drag water and dirt away. It also has a small hole to hang it in the shower or tub and have it handy when you need it.

Ideally, every time you use the shower, apply some form of anti-limescale product and then use the glass cleaner handle. This operation can take you around…. half a minute. You will save time and money as it is a very simple operation and the price of the handle 2.30 €.

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If you prefer natural products clean your houseYou can get them in 20 minutes.

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