During quarantineand especially in the first months a lot of doubts arose. What Clear and disinfect our house. We didn’t know if the incoming and outgoing objects needed to be tampered with. some special product to prevent the coronavirus from entering our home and infecting the whole family.


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In those months, many household items were put up for sale for this purpose. One of these 70% cleaning alcohol Mercadona. A disinfectant spray For the home, it’s now back in fashion and is highly sought after in the Valencia supermarket chain.

People are buying again and are interested, and that may have something to do with our country’s entry. sixth wave of coronavirus infections. We all try to keep our homes as clean and free from bacteria as possible, and we achieve this with such products.

This alcohol is used for cleaning shoes, keys, door handles, cell phones, bags, shopping products, soles in the kitchen, bicycles and cars or textile products. Of course, it should not be used on unpolished wood, some plastics, leather, artificial leather, leather or sensitive surfaces.

Thus, considering these exceptions, we can use it for general cleaning of our house, including cleaning products, because it also has a feature. fragrant fragrance.

How to use Mercadona cleaning alcohol

Special attention should always be paid to such products, because not suitable for skin use. So it cannot be used on humans or animals, so knowing how to apply it correctly is essential.

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First of all, what you need to know is that you have to shake the container very well before using it for the ingredients to mix properly. Then you need to spray the surface you want to clean for 5 seconds and with the bottle in a vertical position. Then you can rub the surface to be cleaned with multi-purpose paper or a microfiber cloth, but remember that it does not require rinsing. In these cases, if you are going to use it on a fabric as we always mentioned, we recommend that you do a small test on a small, invisible area to check if it is suitable and does not damage it.