The College of Tourism and Economists has published a guide to the digital transformation of the tourism company.

Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Valencian Community Council of Economists are supporting the digital transformation of the tourism company through an action plan presented this Tuesday in Alicante by the Regional Secretary of Tourism. Francis ColomerAlong with the dean of the Alicante Official College of Economists, Francisco MenarguesAt the Alicante Tourism Center (CdT).

This plan, which is the result of the cooperation agreement between the two institutions and equipped with 20,000 Euros, covers information, dissemination, sensitization and awareness-raising actions for the employer and professional sector. the need to acquire digital skills and manages the digital transformation of their businesses.

The Regional Tourism Secretary stressed that “this plan of action includes the opportunities of the time we have to live in” and that “there is no plan B for digital transformation or We are proactive and innovative, otherwise we will fall into apathy”.

Colomer highlighted the results of this initiative “to reach thousands of SMEs, small businesses, self-employed and family businesses and not miss this transformation train”; according to him, it will “determine the existence of the sector in the future”.

Likewise, the head of Turisme in his favor “We cannot compete without artificial intelligence”“, advocated the continuation of “humanism, which is the biggest distinguishing element of the tourism sector” in this process. hospitality and customer service“, the considerations in this plan to promote digital transformation.

Francisco Menargues, dean of the Official College of Economists in Alicante, stressed that “representatives of the public and private sectors need to adapt to technological change”, for which “this action plan is designed to promote the digital transformation of the tourism company through dissemination and educational activities”.

Menargues, “conceived actions, creating a guide for the preparation of didactic materials for face-to-face training activities and the creation of a database of technological solutions”.

Digital Transformation Plan

One of the planned actions is the preparation and dissemination of the project. ‘The guide for the digital transformation of the tourism companySo far, 500 copies have been produced for the professional sector and can be downloaded ‘online’ in digital format.

about a the didactic and practical handbook, details of which were made public this Tuesday, and especially focused on small tourism businesses with fewer than ten employees. The aim is to make the business sector realize that digital transformation is a necessity and an opportunity to increase productivity, competitiveness and business growth.

Similarly, together with the guide, both institutions supported didactic materials to educate and advise entrepreneurs through dissemination and awareness sessions in various municipalities of the Community of Valencia. For this, it has cooperation with the Tourism Centers Network (CdT). In addition, for those who cannot attend face-to-face activities, six informative pills that collect the main points of the mentioned guide will also be introduced.

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