The blogger sought out the types of tops that small chested girls should avoid.

The video of a blogger under the pseudonym Stylexfox is gaining popularity on TikTok, naming their top type, which is contraindicated for girls with small breasts. writes about him Sun.

According to the stylist, if a girl’s bra size is small, she should avoid three types of tops. First of all, it is worth abandoning the popular idea of ​​​​wearing a scarf instead of a top, as well as uncomfortable strapless models that will have to be constantly tightened and bandaged.

Failed styles would be tops with a deep V-neck and square necklines that don’t fit well. They visually make the breast smaller.

Fox noted that you can feel more comfortable by eliminating such top models. The fact is that these styles only cause discomfort during the day, reducing and revealing the body.

former stylist named The main trends for girls of small stature.

Source: Gazeta


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