British tabloid told how to get rid of wasps in the house

You will need to follow six steps to gently rid the insect’s habitat. writes about him To express.

True, the publication recommended, first of all, that you should not get rid of the hornet’s nest with your own hands if it spawned in the house, but if this is the only possible option, then several rules should be followed.

To begin with, it is recommended to think over a clear strategy: provide yourself with protective equipment and an evacuation plan to a confined space in the event of a breakdown. Hands, face, feet, trunk, legs and arms should be covered completely. It is also recommended never to use ladders.

Nests are best cleaned at night, as wasps are quieter at this time. However, you should not approach them with a flashlight or candle, you should create a lighting far from the nest.

The next tip is to always have an insecticide spray handy. It must be applied before the structure is deleted.

To remove a hornet’s nest, you will need a garbage bag. They must carefully cover the hive and separate it from the tree or wall to remove it completely. After that, they should be tied up and removed from the holiday village as soon as possible.

formerly tabloid published hedge trimming instructions.

Source: Gazeta


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