He attacks a doctor in Zaragoza and threatens to “explode” him as he leaves the dungeon.

NNew attack on the toilet Aragon. The victim, on this occasion, was a primary care doctor. North Delicias Medical Center Zaragoza. The health worker himself asked: Moving quickly, the National Police arrested the assailant.

The suspect went to this office last Wednesday to replace the cast on his leg. It was 10:15 am. In a sexist violence case where he broke a restraining order and was at his ex-wife’s home, he broke several bones when he jumped out of a window to escape police. As soon as he arrived, he approached the door of the office and, amid shouts, asked them to take care of him immediately.

The doctor asked him to calm down and wait his turn. The effect was just the opposite, and then, as this newspaper found out, the attacker uttered: “As long as you’re not taking care of me right now, I’m going to bust you and knock you out, son of a bitch.”

Considering this, the doctor told him to calm down and take care of himself, but the response was a strong pressure on this 68-year-old man’s chest. Since the violence of this person did not stop, other health friends had to help immediately. The judge created fear call 091 to request a police patrol National Police will come as soon as possible. And so the arrest of this 29-year-old, identified as a Hispanic CBC, continued, first threatening the doctor. “I would have hit him harder if I had known I was going to be arrested. I’m going to blow that son of a bitch up when he gets out of the dungeons,” he shouted.

A nurse who witnessed the events told the agents that those arrested excited and screaming entered the health center He said he wanted to see the doctor. They were escorted to the waiting room and were alarmed when he hit his chest hard.

The agents who arrested him made a forced search and They found a marijuana cigarette.

Despite his actions, they never ceased to serve him. Delicias Norte health center called 061 ambulance. moved to Hospital Clínico Lozano Blesa in Zaragoza to have related treatments. After that, he entered the dungeons awaiting trial.

the titular magistrate of the Investigation Court No. 7 of Zaragoza, Temporary freedom despite a restraining order not to return to the doctor. During her deposition, she chose to remain silent on the advice of her lawyer, Olga Oseira.

In 2021, 355 attacks on workers in community health centers were reported, 50% more than in 2020.

Source: Informacion


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