They prosecute a pedophile from Zaragoza who falsified records of sexual abusers to become a teacher

Artús Roca Tarrés, 27, was registered with the Central Registry of Sex Offenders. Ministry of Interior. In Manresa, he was convicted as the author of corruption, exhibitionism and provocation against minors and was prohibited from practicing any profession involving contact with children. But this did not frighten him, he moved to the Zaragoza municipality of Cuarte de Huerva in Zaragoza and There she took a place as a singing teacher at the Municipal Music School. His students were underage and he sexually abused a girl. It was February 2021. He was tried yesterday at the Zaragoza Criminal Court No. 3 for how he got this job because it was provided by the National Police. falsified the document so as not to arouse suspicion.

Alert activated by Social Security Treasury When Artús Roca contacted the National Police Corps because they observed that Tarrés had been fired for a disqualified activity. The agent in charge of the initial proceedings, as he explained before the magistrate yesterday, requested the official document submitted by the defendant from the company that hired him. “As soon as I saw it, I saw that it was manipulated, the serial number was changed, and when I entered the registry, the search result was invalid”, highlighted.

He immediately brought this to the attention of the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) of the Aragon Police Department; this unit was approved by the ministry itself, approving these initial studies. Therefore, they detained the suspect as the alleged perpetrator of a criminal offense and forgery of another public document. The prosecutor’s office asked for a two-year prison sentence.

His defense tried to alleviate the burden of proof by stating that a copy, not the original, submitted by the defendant was analyzed, and that this document was not properly protected, as it was handed over to investigators in paper format by the company. However, he could not make any allegations regarding the violation of the sentence, given the evidence that he was the children’s teacher. Abused an 11-year-old girl and was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison last March. The defendant, who remained silent until he used his last word, stated that he was first hired to give lessons with adults, that the document he sent was “a photo of the document he had” and that he had sent it to him via WhatsApp. company. He offered to be the ‘Sugar Daddy’ to the little boy he was harassing.

Source: Informacion


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